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  Bulletproof Privacy by Boston T. Party  

Bulletproof Privacy
How to Live Hidden, Happy and Free!


5 1/2" x 8 1/2", softcover, 160 pages
published January, 1997

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One of Liberty's most innovative, lucid, and practical thinkers, Boston T. Party shows us exactly how to maintain any degree of low profile. In today's society of hungry lawyers, data-collecting institutions, bureaucracies, and weirdos, many of us would like to increase our privacy, but don't know how. While most privacy books are outdated or fluffy, Bulletproof Privacy is a street-savvy digest by a practicing expert.

Boston has lived privacy all over the world. His knowledge, insight, and stories - all woven together by his renowned clear, witty style - make Bulletproof Privacy the modern definitive guide in these troubled times. Boston describes how to travel discreetly, make encrypted phone calls, conduct business quietly, deal with all kinds of people, arrange finances, handle officials, use I.D. properly, and how to live without being in a fishbowl. He explains how to offer seemingly normal phone numbers and addresses where one can be called or written - but which lead investigators nowhere. Boston shows us how to use the gullible computer databanks against themselves, and much, much more.




Introduction by Boston T. Party

1        Why Privacy?

2        How To Screw Up
            Learning from a Nazi's Mistakes    2/2

3        The Rules
            Don't draw attention to yourself    3/1
            Privacy is always complicated    3/1
            Privacy is expensive     3/1
            Privacy is inconvenient     3/2
            Privacy is private     3/3
            Be consistent. Be thorough.    3/3
            Work your story out in advance    3/3
            Always have a benign, logical explanation    3/3
            Privacy requires the spinning of yarns    3/4
            Be friendly. Be relaxed. Be unremembered.    3/4
            Privacy requires your alertness    3/4

4        Privacy & Data
        THE DATA TRAIL    4/1
            Credit information     4/1
            Employment Information Service (EIS)    4/2
            Medical Information Bureau (MIB)    4/2
            Government databanks     4/2
        PAPERS         4/4
        PRIVACY & YOUR COMPUTER     4/5
            Thou shall encrypt thy data    4/5
        PRIVACY & TECHNOLOGY    4/6
            Even the playing field     4/6
            Low cost countermeasures    4/7
            Rendering oppressive technology moot    4/8

5      The Vital Attitude

6      Privacy & People
        LEVELS OF INTIMACY    6/1
            Privacy with the public     6/2
            Privacy with your acquaintances    6/2
            The acquaintance neighbor    6/3
            Privacy and your friends    6/4
            Relatives     6/6
            Your spouse     6/7
            Your children     6/8

7      The I.D.
        USING ANOTHER'S ID    7/1
            Finding a near "twin" as your "donor"    7/1
            Not getting into trouble    7/2
            The application     7/3
        TOTAL ID CREATION    7/5
            The foreign ID     7/5
        THE FUTURE OF FAKE ID    7/7
            Digital biometric ID     7/8
            Project L.U.C.I.D.     7/8
            Implants for everyone     7/9
            The line in the sand     7/10

8      Your Financial Privacy
        CREDIT CARDS    8/1
        ecash by DigiCash    8/2
        CHECKS    8/1
        MONEY ORDERS    8/4
        LOANS & MORTGAGES    8/6
        IRA's, 401K's & KEOGH's     8/6
        GOLD & SILVER COINS    8/6

9      Privacy & Taxes

10    Your Mail
            How to create a red-herring address    10/2
            Good, old General Delivery (G.D.)    10/2
            The P.O. Box     10/3
            The private mailbox     10/3
            The mail forwarding services    10/4
        SENDING YOUR MAIL    10/5

11    Privacy & The Phone
            Your listed phone number    11/2
            Your phone records     11/2
            The "pen register" to learn of your network    11/2
            The "tap" to record the conversation    11/2
            The "trace" to locate the caller number    11/3
        PRIVACY MEASURES    11/3
            You must get two voice mail numbers    11/3
            You must get a pager     11/4
            How private are cellular phones?    11/4
            Your listing--if you must have a home phone    11/8
            Your calling records     11/8
            Use prepaid long-distance calling cards!    11/9
            The wise use of pay phones    11/11
            The wise use of all other phones    11/12
            Red herring phone numbers    11/13


12        Privacy With Pagers
            Establishing service     12/1
            Use a Personal Data Assistant (PDA)    12/2
            General tips on using your pager    12/4
            Tips on calling back with privacy    12/4
            Using codes with your pager    12/5
            An even more secure code method    12/7

13    Your Private Home
            Get your new place long before you need it    13/1
            Buying a new place with privacy    13/1
            Renting a new place with privacy    13/2
            The timing of your move     13/4
            The moving sequence     13/5
        ONCE AT YOUR NEW PLACE    13/8
            Store your extra stuff     13/11

14     Privacy & Your Guns
        THE PURCHASE    14/1
        OWNERSHIP    14/1
        SELLING YOUR GUNS    14/5
        TRACKING OWNERSHIP    14/5
        THE COMING GUN GRAB    14/5

15    A Quiet Living
        PRIVACY ON THE JOB    15/1
            Filling out the application    15/2
            The job interview     15/2
            On the job behavior     15/2
            Leaving employment     15/3

16    The Private Car
        PURCHASING YOUR CAR    16/1
        REGISTERING YOUR CAR    16/2
        SELLING YOUR CAR    16/5

17    Private Travel
        THE BUS         17/1
        RENTAL CARS    17/1
        TRAVEL IN YOUR CAR    17/2
        DOMESTIC HOTELS    17/2
        DOMESTIC AIR TRAVEL    17/2
            Buying your tickets     17/3
            Packing your bags     17/4
            What to wear     17/4
            Checking in     17/5
            Going through security     17/5
            Airport behavior     17/5
            On-board behavior     17/5
            Picking up your bags     17/7
            Your passport     17/8
            Buying your tickets     17/8
            Packing         17/8
            What to wear     17/9
            Check-in     17/9
            During the flight     17/9
            Clearing foreign Customs and Immigration    17/9
            Staying in foreign hotels    17/10
            Getting around overseas     17/11
            Returning home and clearing U.S. Customs    17/11

18    Private Entities
        TRUSTS         18/1
            Tax avoidance is legal.     18/1
            What is a trust?     18/2
            The necessity of foreign entities    18/3
            The overall structure     18/3
            Overview of the empire     18/5
            What are the risks?     18/6
            In summary     18/7
            Become your own expert     18/8

19    Final Thoughts

20   Alternative Sources

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Loved Bulletproof Privacy!

G.L., Castro Valley, California

I really appreciate your courage to create such a book. Most people write to make money off of gadgets or techniques or stories. This is truly great, real, honest and straightforward sharing from experience that is worth millions to an individual as myself. ...The material covered in this book is very insightful, inspiring and quite revealing. I could praise you for pages on end...

C.R., Chicago, Illinois

I bought Bulletproof Privacy and love it.

D.N., Kettle Falls, Washington

I love your book Bulletproof Privacy. I found it very helpful and informative.

K.P., Freehold, N.J.

I just finished reading your book Bulletproof Privacy - great piece of work. I would like to talk to you regarding your presentation of the subject of privacy to some of my associates...

B, Ohio

As a former P.I. for many years..., I must say your book Bulletproof Privacy is in a class by itself. [Y]our knowledge and excellent... I've tracked people across the country and into Mexico and Canada and I would not want to be the investigator looking for someone who intelligently and consistently applied your book.

Paul W., Reno, Nevada


P.O. Box 18894
Spokane, WA 99228

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