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The Free State Wyoming Web site is now up and running at Update your bookmarks accordingly!


The FSW silver coins are now


Our thanks to all who purchased these handsome coins! You've a rare collectible to enjoy — a pocket memento of Free State Wyoming whether you've yet moved to Wyoming or not.

If we receive sufficient interest we may contemplate another 1,000 coin mint run, in 2007. While the reverse (of the buffalo) would be identical, the obverse would feature a high-relief image of Wyoming.

Those who wish to contribute some of their own silver in a partnership deal, let Boston know.

Own a piece of Free State Wyoming in your pocket! And once you've moved to Wyoming, trade it with your FSW neighbors!

  • Actual size is 39mm diameter
  • 1 oz. of .999 fine silver
  • Beautiful design in high relief

Effective 25 February 2006, only one coin per customer and address (no coins sold in quantities).


Since silver is rapidly climbing and just closed over $13, we now accept orders based on the postmarked date of spot price only + $13 ($10 premium and $3 S&H).

[Most Recent Quotes from]

Take spot price, round up/down to the nearest dollar, add $13, and send that amount in cash. (Print out this page showing the spot quote and include with order, please. Date of quote must be the same as date of postmark.)

20-coin tubes are SOLD OUT.

Proof coins are SOLD OUT.


Terms: Cash only, to:

Javelin Press
P.O. Box 31S
Ignacio, Co. 81137-0031


Free State Wyoming silver coin - Obverse
Free State Wyoming silver coin - Reverse


The coins will be shipped in a mailer featuring the beautiful coin design and offering an explanation behind the coins. Click here to see a larger image.


P.O. Box 18894
Spokane, WA 99228

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